Background of Dr. Patrick Huser

Twenty years of professional, international experience in
the banking industry, of which twelve years were spent in senior
management positions in two well known international banks,
lastly as managing director. Key to his qualification is not only his
profound knowledge of different bank services (Investment and
Private Banking), but also his competence in the financial
market and relevant legal issues, his high social competence as
well as his active, interdisciplinary network with other specialists.
PhD in law at the University of Zürich with a dissertation
in «investor protection through corporate publicity» (1994).
Already during this disquisition, the subject of sufficient
information and transparency for the investors were the centre
of his interest. Completion of various advanced studies in
economy and financial markets (Behavioral Finance at
the University of Zürich, advanced management studies
at the London Business School and studies of the financial
markets, in cooperation with the Columbia University
and Series 7 license, at the NASDAQ in New York.)